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Ghd Glide is the first slicker brush is able to regulate the dry hair with extreme ease.

139,40 € 170,00 €

The Ghd Gold Styler is a plate to smooth in speed every type of hair and any type of length.

155,80 € 190,00 €

Ghd Platinum+ Black Styler is the plate intelligent, the first in the world, able to recognize the needs of your hair.

220,58 € 269,00 €

The Ghd Mini Styler is the plate perfect for the styling of the hair of any thickness with a short-cut.

154,98 € 189,00 €

The Ghd Max Styler is the plate perfect for the styling of hair, voluminous, and rebels.

154,98 € 189,00 €

Ghd Curve Classic Wave Wand is the curling iron, which, with its shaft by 26-38 mm, allows to create waves in the soft and sinuous movements on long hair.

154,98 € 189,00 €

Ghd Curve Creative Curl Wand is acurling iron with a drum from the tapered shape of 28-23 mm to create the look of a ruffled effect beach for all lengths of hair.

154,98 € 189,00 €

Ghd Curve Classic Curl Tong is the curling iron with the stalk intermediate, 26 mm, fitted with a collet ergonomic which allows you to get a look with curls beautiful and voluminous, even on short hair.

154,98 € 189,00 €

GHD Contour Professional crimper made is the plate that is ideal to give life to the texture wonderful, inspired by the Eighties style.

138,58 € 169,00 €

Ghd platinum+ rose gold in box luxury included.

228,78 € 279,00 €

The Ghd Gold Styler Gift Set Royal Dynasty Collection is a special gift idea, signed ghd. 

179,58 € 219,00 €

Ghd Final Shine Spray is a treatment to get instant shine.

15,50 € 18,90 €
Showing 1 - 12 of 23 items