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List of products by manufacturer Wella

The Matrix is a product for the rebels. He knew it from the start, Arnie Miller, the first of the rebels of the brand MATRIX, brand founded in 1980, which is one of the best professional products for hair.

The origins of Wella leave since 1880, when the hairdresser Franz Stroher founded a company launching on the market the Tullemoid Waterproof, a product in a certain technological direction for those times that he stared at the wigs, making them waterproof. The children of Stroher in the 20's continued in the wake of the father in the study of products that could foster a positive action on the hair and decided to call the company with the same name that still today, after one hundred years, maintains: Wella (from the German "wave"). In a sense, Karl and Georg, these are their names, they had focused on the look of the time, making use its customers the first equipment for permanent and made of Wella in the 30 years, the number one in terms of technology and innovation. So was born the Wella Junior, the first portable instrument for hair to the world. The company, meanwhile, grows and from Germany, expands in Europe and America before stop the production because of the Second World War. Later, in the 50's, Wella live the first great boom in terms of sales, after you have designed the Koleston Perfect hair dye at the same time had an action treating. The brand is so required to become the exclusive supplier at the Olympic Games (we are in the 60's) and in the events of the international industry. 70 determine the launch of the products balm, and the line For Men, but especially mark the launch, for the first time, retail, shampoo. The 80's are those of the Centenary of the birth of the Company founded by the brothers Stroher, and they will see the strengthening of the professional lines for the man. But, above all, there will be the listing in the German Stock exchange Other important news between the years 90 and 2000, which will mark the acquisition of Muehlens KG-famous brands for fragrances such as 4711, Gucci Rush, Dunhill Desire and Naomi Campbell as well as the purchase of licenses on Trussardi, Mont Blanc, Marco Polo, Max Mara and Gerry Weber. Still continues also on our website World of Hair, the launch of professional products for all target groups with the denominator always being the enhancement of the beauty of each customer, and a technology always in step with the times.

Showing 1 - 12 of 405 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 405 items