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Reduced price! Parlux Advance Light Ionic & Ceramic Graphite

Parlux Advance Graphite


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Professional hair dryer light weight

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Parlux Advance Light Graphite

More power, more duration: this is the best hairdryer of the year, the only side to have won all the professionals of the sector. Parlux Advance presents itself in the variant Parlux Advance Light Graphite to meet with garment elegant and effectively to the request of higher performance. It is thanks to the power of an engine is technologically advanced which adds to the characteristics that have made famous its predecessor, the guarantee of drying times and setting hair, and very short.

Optimizing the electrical energy consumption and protecting the environment with no harmful emission and no noise, is the hair dryer which adds to the quietness, balance and maneuverability, the properties most requested in salons. Parlux Advance Light Graphite is equipped with a engine amazing, the K-Advance, which ensures high performance in terms of power and duration of operation. Improved balance and lighter all the components, is extremely lightweight and can be used for hours without causing any sensation of fatigue in the user. Switches soft ergonomic makes it very easy to handle and its prestigious technology Ionic&Ceramic essential for the hair stylists, assures you that the complete elimination of the static electricity of the hair that remains soft and shiny, and leaves you to style without undergoing any stress.

Even quieter thanks to a built-in silencer, Parlux Advance Light Graphite lets talk numbers to impress you with: 2200 watts, 2500 hours of operation time, 83 cubic meters of air per hour. The special construction allows then the front part of the hair dryer cold to make it easy to handle and ensure maximum freedom of use. Recommended by the World Hair, the authorized dealer of the brand, the hair dryer is made available with two new nozzles quick connect: one for drying, one for styling.

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