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Reduced price! 5.14 Chocolate Cream Color Fanola 100 ml

5.14 Chocolate Cream Color Fanola 100 ml


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Ensures a perfect color for a total coverage of white hair. The wide range of hues allows you to achieve intense colors and brilliant long-lasting.

More details

The coloring cream is recommended for hair of every type and length. It perfectly covers the strands of hair white. Thanks to the low ammonia content ensures a colour safe and gentle with no irritation.


  • Pleasant Fragrances
  • The colouring Cream contains Ginkao Biloba
  • It hydrates deeply the hair during the laying of the product
  • Recommended product for thin hair and dehydrated
  • Coloring In cream with a uniformity above the average
  • The high number of Nuance
  • Makes the hair feel silky, Bright, Brilliant
  • Comfort the current to the scalp
  • 4 Weeks of intense hydration
  • Excellent Coverage

Contains the extract of Ginko Biloba, rich in numerous bioactive substances such as flavonidi, biflavoni and terpenes. Fight effectively against the free radicals that are harmful for the hair and scalp. It helps to restore the hair dried to the correct moisture level detergendo gently. In this way, the hair becomes soft and shiny.


  • Mix in a non-metallic container of 50 ml. of color with 75 ml. emulsion oxidant creamy at 10-20-30-40 vol., mix until you obtain a homogeneous cream.

Mode of use: Apply the cream on dry hair, before washing. Do not use containers of metal for the preparation of the mixture. The duration of application of the mixture on the hair depends on their state and the desired effect.

Result: healthy Hair, and smooth, full of shine and softness.

The color treatment requires the use of oxidizing Fanola.

Fanola is an Italian brand of products for hair care from different decades. His philosophy is based on providing the cosmetics of the highest quality at an attractive price. In the course of the years Fanola has developed a series of products tailored to the needs of the individual hair.

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